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Iā€™m a writer, a reader, and a believer in lifelong learning. Growing up, I spent my summers checking out stacks of books from the public library, which led to a love of words and storytelling.

That fascination with words brought me to a career in copywriting. I currently work as a senior copywriter at a marketing agency producing content including website landing pages, emails, technical guides, blog posts, ads, e-books, and social media to help brands tell their stories. Before finding my way to copywriting, I worked as a staff writer for an environmental publication and as a teacher of English Composition, Creative Writing, and English as a Second Language. I received an MFA in Creative Writing and Environment from Iowa State University.

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but have also lived in Iowa and Arizona and spent a few months each in Spain, New York City, and Mexico. I now live in Portland, Oregon.